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Red Moons Studios aims to be more than a production studio; we aspire to be the heartbeat of the hip-hop culture worldwide.

Red Moons Studios is on a mission to revolutionize the hip-hop scene by providing unparallel visual experiences. Our mission is to be the go-to destination for artists and brands seeking not just music videos but immersive journeys that resonate with audiences. We are committed to pushing creative boundaries, amplifying new voices, and shaping the future of hip-hop storytelling. With a team of highly professional directors and a passion for showcasing new talent, our mission is to create a legacy that transcends the realms of music and visual artistry, leaving an indelible mark on the hip-hop world.


Music Videos

With over 200 clips in the last 5 years, our team is not just creating videos; we're crafting experiences that elevate new talents and make their mark on the hip-hop world.


Brand videos & Commercials

As a creative agency we want to bring the urban hiphop vibe to brands as well, so let's connect and make it happen!

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