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Red Moons Studios is the ultimate destination for hip-hop artists and brands seeking visually stunning and impactful videos.


Red Moons Studios aims to be more than a production studio; we aspire to be the heartbeat of the hip-hop culture worldwide.


Music videos

With over 200 clips in the last 5 years, our team is not just creating videos; we're crafting experiences that elevate new talents and make their mark on the hip-hop world.


Brand videos & commercials

As a creative agency we want to bring the urban hiphop vibe to brands as well, so let's connect and make it happen!

Red Moons 01.jpg

We create & produce

From concept to deliverable

When you contact us we go to work on a concept & script. When approved we start production of your new visuals. Please contact us to get more details on how we work!

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